Fill the Well Friday 1-22-16

~Pride. This movie is to die for. I bawled, mostly because some cynical piece of me I keep hidden in a corner is always shocked and amazed when human beings show up for each other. This story, of an LGBT group during the miner’s strike in 1984, is a glorious example of what can be accomplished when people put themselves out for each other, and it also had real historical results. Brilliant. WATCH THIS MOVIE!



~Just to finish up about Making a Murderer, this New Yorker article perfectly sums up the issue I had with the show, so I won’t try to say it better (because I can’t), but you can read it here.



~I discovered a jellyfish cam. WHAT? I never knew there was such a thing. You know I’m totally fascinated by jellyfish? How can they be so beautiful, so deadly, and we now know that because of climate change (the pockylypse is afoot) jellyfish are taking over everything, killing the ocean. But they’re so pretty and light. So, I dunno, maybe it’s like staring the devil in its tentacle, but I find it soothing and horrifying in equal measure, watching them bandy about. Click here to join me in my morbid fascination.



~I hesitate to even mention this one, because if there’s anyone under eighteen reading this, please do not read this book. But for my unsqueamish writer/reader people I highly recth-1ommend The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavich, with reservation. There’s every kind of violation and sex you can think of so please please do not read it if you’re going to blame me for the innocence you will lose in its reading.

Next up is Mary Gaitskill’s Bad Behavior. Going down a dark road!

~Music-wise, I was trying to get to Pandora’s classic indie station and accidentally landed on the indie classical station and I can write to it! It’s kind of awesome. Check it out if you’re like me and find lyrics too seductive to ignore.

~Last Friday I happened to be on the road and was listening to NPR when it was taken over by a local New Mexico guy, young. He introduced a segment call Mixtape that was kids from World College telling stories. I was transfixed. The stories were gorgeous, the kids from all over. One girl from Mexico City described her father covering her eyes just before she was sent to school in the US, trying to protect her from seeing people hanging from a bridge.

The segment was not only touching, the kids could really write. I mean, I was inspired. Plus when I was fourteen and we moved to New Mexico, my grandfather really wanted me to go to that school and get my baccalaureate. I had gone to a French school in San Francisco and was already on that track and he thought it a shame to throw it away. I refused. I didn’t want to go to boarding school anywhere, much less in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Listening to that, I felt like some parallel part of me was there, learning to write well early on, surrounded by kids from everywhere.

The suck is that I can’t find it online. I’ve been searching and searching. It’s driving me crazy. So if any of you out there happen upon it and want to share, please get in touch with me. I was planning on devouring the whole thing. BOO!


~I don’t know where this came from. I think I pulled it for writing inspiration. I’ve been looking at it a lot lately. Maybe it will inspire you, too. tumblr_inline_mxbkvnYz5p1rh39ns


~I will leave you with this quote from Annie Dillard.

A schedule defends from chaos and whim. 

Ah, yes. This is why she gets the Pulitzer.



Back to the writing. Now go fill the well! Love.