Friday Five January 29

~This week my daughter has been playing this song over and over. I’m not really sure it’s a good song, musically speaking (I’m not sure it’s not either/I’m conflicted), but I have been thinking about the words. “WAKE UP YOU NEED TO MAKE MONEY!” Check out: Twenty-one Pilots Stressed Out

~ I read two books this week, both of them a great idea for artists to have around. I am personally the worst with time management and I’m easily distracted by kids, the dog, the weather, dirty dishes. This book, Manage Your Day-to-Day was actually really helpful. My favorite tip had to do with the way temptation works and the argument that we should front load our creative tasks in order to mcover170x170aintain focus for the important things. “…results show that it takes energy to resist each temptation, and that we use more and more of this energy as the day goes on, we have less and less of it left, which increases the chances that we will give into temptation.”

For a minute there, I had been trying to convince myself that I could work at a leisurely pace, sleep in, start my day at 6:30 like a regular person. This reminded me that I wish it were so, but it is not. I absolutely have to take advantage of the early morning hours when everyone is asleep, or I’ll never get my writing done. For some reason when my day starts that way, it’s easier to get back to it when the time comes.

The book also talked about cycles and how brain function only allows us about 90 minutes of creative focus at a time, which also helps figure out how we break up tasks. For what it’s worth, my workdays have been much more organized and productive than usual since reading.

Daily Rituals was another great one because it’s basically a reference book about artists and their habits. The through-line seems to be consistency and discipline regardless of mood. It’s been fun to read about people and their habits though. Licover225x225ke Truman Capote only wrote in bed and smoked but could have no more than three butts in the ashtray at a time. It’s a good one to have lying around and read a page at a time when in need of inspiration.

~Speaking of, for my inspirational person this week, I pick Octavia Butler. She actually wrote her intentions into her journal and then made it happen. I am sometimes driven mad by the Secret-ish notion that anyone anywhere can magic their lives into whatever they want, but I do think there’s something to habutler-notebook-696x396ving an intention and doing everything you can to make it happen.

~And on a more personal Folio day job note, two novels I care a lot about have been acquired. My sweetie friend Bonnie Pipkin and her boundary-pushing Aftercare Instructions, and Hadley Dyer’s Here So Far Away, which just plain kills me. I’m so excited for them. I’m positive you’ll hear their names a bunch. I feel all “Go Team!” about it.

~Last thing: David Arnold’s Kids of Appetite had its cover reveal this week. I am totally going to cheat on my women only year of reading for this one because I can’t wait. Has to be done. Anyway, he claims to look good in drag, so it’s okay, right?12647147_10208606189171301_5295106865127278192_n