Because I can’t

I’m so sorry. I’ve done it again. Made a promise I couldn’t keep. It’s like that thing about carbs, and getting up at 4:30 every morning to write, and, I don’t know, giving up coffee.

I promised I would write a post about all the cool things I discover in any given week, and that I would do it consistently, and then I didn’t.

It’s because I’ve been writing incessantly. And I’ve had a thousand guests. And I don’t really think anyone cares what I think is cool, not in a poor me way, but in a you-can-just-go-on-FB-and-find-out kind of way. In any case, my Friday posts fizzled for me and in general. So I’m sorry. This is my apology for being a not very disciplined human with scant energetic resources.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care, and that I’m not going to try something else fun and useful to everyone. Like brutal honesty? I don’t know yet.


I’m thinking.