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Colorado Teen Book Con

After a dramatic and kind of exhausting summer, I’ve been hibernating, finishing the copy edits for But Then I Came Back (April 4, 2017), 51lewwbchal and getting all workaholic-like in my job as an associate at Folio Literary Management, while getting my third project underway.

Plus, kids.

Anyway, I’m turning away from the computer (seriously, I have a Fitbit and there are legitimately days I don’t move at all) and heading up to Denver for the inaugural Colorado Teen Book Con on October 15th. I’ll be meeting some new people, and I’m on another panel with Nicola Yoon, which is always a comforting and thrilling thing. I don’t have my exact time, but the panel is called Love, Adversity, and Life. That’s pretty much my jam.


SO, if you’re in Denver, or near Denver, or you know someone in the Denver area, this is going to be a sweet event. Plus it’s being organized by The Tattered Cover, which, you know, indie bookstores rule for real. Please come see me. I will smile and hug you and tell you something meaningful.